Inside the shadowy, unspoken world of prison rape

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It was a secret that Jason, a Mississippi state inmate, couldn’t keep locked up in his mind any longer.

“I was in protective custody, and he was a general population inmate. He told me he was going to get me,” the inmate documented in written testimony, viewed by Fox News. “I came out of my cell for a shower when he called me to his cell. Then he pulled a knife on me.”

Jason chillingly recalled how he was thrown down despite his objections, the blade at this throat, and his perpetrator’s harsh threats not to make a sound; otherwise, he would be killed.

“Then, he raped me. He told me if I tell anyone, he would kill me. I went back to my cell and scrubbed myself with a rag,” the scrawled recollection underscored. “I took a bunch of pills and tried to commit suicide.”


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