Democrats are just still not over 2016 election:

It was very weak tea, especially once the president released the transcript, but it was all they had and they were running out of time. The election was fast approaching and the sense that the decision about the president should be left to voters was gaining traction.

Letting voters decide was out of the question. They had elected Trump once, so they couldn’t be trusted. As Texas Rep. Al Green unforgettably admitted, “If we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

So here we are, even despite the growing evidence that FBI officials and others committed crimes in targeting the Trump campaign in 2016. But even that doesn’t matter to Dems, who are so crazed by his presidency that facts no longer matter to them.

Never mind that the impeachment articles don’t include an actual crime, or even compelling evidence of misconduct. This is war.

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