The age of revolution has begun in America

The Democrats, journalists, judges, and corps of law professors applauded as Obama shredded the Constitution. He dusted off the Espionage Act of 1917 to use against whistleblowers. He implemented the Paris Agreement, a treaty, without Senate approval. He implemented his Clean Power Plan, a law, without Congressional authorization. He executed American citizens not only without trial, but without warrant – violating precedents going back to Magna Carta.

With Trump in the White House, different rules apply. Every action is grounds for a court challenge, with judges cosplaying Priest-Kings empowered to judge his actions according to their personal values. Democrats, journalists, and law professors reverse the Constitutional order – placing bureaucrats (e.g., in the Department of Justice and the Deep State “interagency”) above an elected President.

These things are not matters of which policy or whose beliefs are right. The Constitution specifies only procedures. We are losing agreement on the Constitution as our rulebook. After that, only power will remain. It won’t end well for us.

  • There cannot be two sets of rules, one for the Democrats and one for Republicans. That will create corrosive cynicism that erodes the legitimacy of our political regime.
  • Putting unelected bureaucrats and judges over elected officials erodes the legitimacy of the Republic by weakening the bonds between the government and the people. Why vote if unelected officials make the big decisions.

No matter how rich and powerful we are, these things will put America on the path to weakness and chaos.

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