Are fat fliers being discriminated against by airlines?

Earlier this year, a family of three women from New Zealand — a mom and her two adult daughters — made headlines around the world when they were denied the business class seats they’d paid for on a Thai Airways flight because they were too big to fit into them.
Ironically, the family — Huhana Iripa and daughters Tere and Renell — had purchased business class seats because they’d assumed those would be bigger and more comfortable.
But because Thai Airways’ plane seat models made it impossible to put seatbelt extenders onto business class seats, the three women were moved into coach class and given seatbelt extenders.
While the Iripas’ story went viral and resulted in a refund from the airline for the difference in cost between the business seats they’d paid for and the coach ones they ended up flying in, stories like these are not anomalies.

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