Violent anti-Semitic antifa activist avoids jail time, released for treatment

A Pacific Northwest-based antifa activist, Jamal Oscar Williams, with a history of violence and threatening behavior has been released for treatment rather than incarcerated after committing anti-Semitic attacks against a rabbi and a congregant, which classify as felony hate crimes in Seattle.

As reported by Andy Ngo, “Rabbi Shmuel Levitin and Ephraim Block were operating a permitted religious booth for the Sukkot Jewish holiday in downtown Seattle on October 11 when Williams allegedly approached them and shouted: ‘Jews, Jews, Jews … give me your money!’ He then said he had a gun and was going to kill them. Both Levitin and Block have beards and payots, or sideburns, and were wearing yarmulkes. Levitin is a rabbi at the Chabad of Downtown Seattle.

“Three days later, Williams returned and made similar threats and demands for money. On October 15, Williams followed the men into the lobby of their apartment building. After making more demands for money, he allegedly hurled candy from the concierge’s desk at the men. Police later found and arrested Williams in a nearby area.

“In August 2018, Williams was arrested in Seattle during a counter-protest against right-wing group Patriot Prayer. Last November, he threatened this journalist with death outside Seattle City Hall at a counter-demonstration against a conservative group. On August 17 Williams was in Portland, Oregon, where he was recorded accosting people aggressively during an antifa protest-turned-riot against the Proud Boys. He was also part of a group of people who surrounded and threatened to hurt Julio Rosas, a reporter with the Washington Examiner. Williams was later arrested by Portland Police for disorderly conduct. He did not show up to his court hearing in September and there is a bench warrant for his arrest.

“In addition to Williams’s radical political activism with antifa, he has a long history of criminal and harassing behavior. In Washington State, he was convicted in 2015 for felony harassment and domestic violence. He has multiple other convictions for assault and domestic violence. He also has a long violent criminal record in Alaska, where he used to live.”

In September, Williams was seen embracing Vice Chair of Seattle’s 37th district Democrats and leader of the King County Young Democrats and antifa activist Chase Cross while energizing his masked antifa protestors approaching a police line.