Trump and Pence should go into self-quarantine for the next 2 weeks — according to the government’s own coronavirus guidelines

The coronavirus arrived at the White House this week.

Vice President Mike Pence’s Press Secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for the virus on Friday.

“She tested very good for a long period of time, and then all of a sudden today she tested positive,” President Trump said on Friday. “She hasn’t come into contact with me. She’s spent some time with the vice president.”

In addition to being one of Pence’s aides, Miller is also the wife of Stephen Miller, who is one of Trump’s senior advisors and works closely with the President.

Miller’s is not the first infection at the White House, either. On Thursday, CNN reported that one of Trump’s valets, who handles the President’s drinks, had also tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’ve had very little contact with this person,” Trump said of the valet on Thursday.

At least 11 secret service members are also sick with the coronavirus, and 60 more are self-quarantining, according to Yahoo News. Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant also reportedly has the virus, though that person has been teleworking for weeks, so they would not have exposed the first family to their illness.

Vice President Pence and President Trump are now both being tested daily for the coronavirus and continued to test negative as of Friday.


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