Trump ‘Truth over Facts’ website parodies Biden blunders, but media miss the joke

Trump’s campaign tactics are certainly fair game for criticism. But the Truth Over Facts website isn’t “Orwellian,” nor is it a mimicry of the Chinese Communist Party. It’s parody.

Even so, few of the pundits who are eager to find an authoritative impulse in everything the president does have admitted to mischaracterizing the campaign’s website. And they likely never will — because oftentimes, the people who rail against Trump’s dishonesty are the very same people who have no trouble spreading it if it serves their agenda…

This might not seem like a minor misunderstanding, but the fact is that these things add up. Our words have meaning. And every time the media push a baseless accusation, we lose a piece of the fairness and open-mindedness that should govern our discourse. In other words, Trump isn’t the only problem.

But good luck convincing the media of that.


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