Trump Team: Whatever Happened to Social Distancing?

Time seemed to speed back up in the last week. After the death of George Floyd, the streets of once-locked-down cities have been flooded with shoulder-to-shoulder protesters in daylight and rioters at night. Some wear masks. Others don’t. Criticism has been scant overall.

Whiplashed Trump World has a question: Whatever happened to social distancing?

“It wasn’t long ago that Democrats and the media claimed that Republican governors reopening their economies were putting their citizens at risk and had ‘blood on their hands,’” Trump campaign deputy press secretary Courtney Parella told RealClearPolitics. “But now? Nothing but crickets about the thousands of protesters not wearing masks or social distancing.”

“None of those facts fit their narrative. We’ve been told to stay home, social distance, and wear a mask,” the campaign spokeswoman continued, “but the streets are open for violent riots?”

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets over the weekend to condemn polic


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