Homophobic Human Rights Museum

Canadian Museum for Human Rights employees say they were told to censor gay content for certain guests

Apparently the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has a racism and homophobia problem.  After weeks of allegations about racism from former and current employees that have been hushed and denied by museum management, it has now come out that management has been directing staff to omit, censor and even hide gay rights content in the museum if so requested by a visiting religious school.  Former Winnipeg Mayor Glen Murray (first openly gay mayor of a major North American city back in 1998) has resigned from the Board over this.

Read more about this story at CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/cmhr-gay-censorship-allegations-1.5615969

This is a complete betrayal of the mandate of the museum.  If a school wants to teach bigotry and deny gay rights then they shouldn’t take their kids to a human rights museum. Apparently upper management justified it with “we have to honour the requests from the schools because they pay us for those tours“.

What do you think?  Is it reasonable to ask a museum dedicated to human rights to hide content at the request of a school?

Homophobic Human Rights Museum
Canadian Museum for Human Rights
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