Cancel culture: The new American future?

In our fast moving world, where science fiction has become a reality, where men and women are launched on rockets to explore space and no corner of our Earth remains undiscovered, it is inevitable that the English language has evolved reflecting the signs of our time.

When one of the British queen’s subjects reaches centenarian age she no longer sends the famed telegram, but rather an Instagram. “Gay” no longer means happy, and a “hard disc” is far removed from a seized-up vertebrae. Naturally, new words have to be found for the constantly developing phenomena in the realm of science, medicine, technology, food and even law, where an informer becomes a whistle-blower and fake-news means lies.

However, there is also a dark side in the development of language. There are words used by the underworld like “narc,” a police informer and others not fit to be printed.

The latest buzzword used by the pseudo-historian wreckers of United States history is “Cancel Culture.” Americans are known to favor replacing the old with the brash ultra-modern. In New York, historic buildings have been torn down and been replaced with tasteless structures. The reason why Manhattan gets so unbearably hot in the summer is because of its concrete buildings that retain the heat and reach to the sky, preventing the flow of air. But I digress.

The phobia of destroying the old has an even more sinister consequence. Many statues of America’s ancient builders and benefactors, have fallen foul of a new breed of pseudo-intellectuals. Classics, whose content describes facets of history not to the liking of the new elite, are deemed unacceptable in their “new order.”

One outstanding example is Gone With The Wind, the film based on the 1936 Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Margaret Mitchell. The film received 12 Academy Awards; but because its set during the Civil War, it does not fit into the culture of the new epoch, centered on only Black Lives Matter! Inexplicably, HBO has succumbed to their pressure and withdrew that film from its repertoire.

The new anti-fascists have acted like fascists. The Nazis who also called art that did not promote their philosophy “entartete Kunst” – degenerate art – and then destroyed it. Will Police Academy, Cops and similar shows have to go the same way?

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