Fired North Carolina Cop Explains That His Super Racist Comments Were Actually His Religious Beliefs

James “Brian” Gilmore, one of the officers fired from the Wilmington, North Carolina police force this June for making some absurdly racist statements about the Black Lives Matter protests, is claiming that the racist things he was recorded saying were not in fact racist, but rather an expression of his religious beliefs.

In a letter written to the Wilmington Civil Service Board, Gilmore explained that he believes he should not have been fired, because his comments were not motivated by racism, but rather by his personal religious beliefs about idolatry. His concern, he explains, was that people he did not know in videos he saw on the internet were violating the tenets of his religion by “worshiping” black people. The letter did not mention the statements from the other officers, which included such gems as “we are just going to go out and start slaughtering them (racial slurs).”

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