Data scientist slams ‘inherently biased’ media for glossing over COVID spikes in blue states

Data scientist Youyang Gu attacked the media as “inherently biased” for picking and choosing which states receive national coverage of their coronavirus outbreaks after noticing that Illinois hasn’t received the attention of other states.  

Gu, who created, aims to provide unbiased takes on the coronavirus. He observed that Illinois, which is predominantly run by Democrats, has not received the attention that Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ state of Florida has received.

“Last week, Illinois reported 15,415 cases in a single day, more than Florida ever did in a single day. This is despite Illinois’ population being 40% lower,” Gu wrote. “Many of you probably did not know the dire situation in Illinois. That’s because no mainstream media chose to report it.”

Gu then posted several headlines that showed Florida’s coronavirus outbreak received national coverage, claiming that “no national news outlet is covering the situation in Illinois.”