“The liberty of speaking and writing guards our other liberties.” – Thomas Jefferson

How important is free speech? They put it in the first amendment. But some of us have forgotten what free speech really is and why it matters. We have freedom of speech, quite simply, because without hearing both sides of a story, we have no way of knowing what is true.

Imagine a court which ONLY heard the prosecution’s side, or ONLY heard the defense. We can easily guess how most of the cases would turn out in each of those scenarios. To arrive at the truth, a jury hears both sides of the argument, examines ALL the evidence, and hears questioning from both friendly and adversarial counsel.

In public discussion, we must have the same sort of open debate, questioning everything, and hearing from all perspectives. The left and the corporations that represent them seek to silence this debate – and stack the cards – to <i>impose</i> their version of events.

This not only is immoral and anti-American, but it is also wrong and counter productive as a practical matter. Unless the nation and the people in it want to suffer errors in judgment, and the policies that go along with them – they must be allowed to have a free and fair airing of all questions.

ALL Americans should call on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Google to end their censorship.