Approved ~ MJM


I’ll go ahead and get the questions out of the way: Are y’all planning on watching Tom Brady (the current GOAT) vs. Patrick Mahomes (undoubtedly the future GOAT)? Who here is expecting a high-scoring shootout? What about a defensive stand-off? Who wins SB LV? And for those who don’t care for the game, what about the commercials (from what I hear won’t be as bountiful or interesting this year, blame 2020)?

Also while we’re at it, I want to give a shout-out to one of our Brother-channels at NFL Chatters ( Feel free to stop on by and drop them a line. One of our CMs, Dave –, would be happy to have the added traffic (and they have other related channels if the NFL isn’t your thing).

I will put up the main feed from (or some other site if CBS doesn’t want to cooperate) as game-time runs closer. Will also open up the Disqus thread as the festivities near. Coverage begins approx. 2:00pm (Eastern Time).

So kick back at BNR and watch the Big Game while commenting too. It’s kinda like Community Theater, only with Football (and no Mama, it’s not The Devil).