The Buzz words of Christianity

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The Bible….😒🙃

A -book-! that has touched all of our lives, in one form or another…. Good and/or bad!

And Within The Bible, we have these “buzz words” that have become responsible for a great many the problems and solutions(!)  that we “all” face today, in one form or another. From social to political, and even environmental!

Words such as:

***Elohim, Creation, Sin, Believe, Faith, obedience, “Land” (Israel-Jerusalem/Judah), Law, Judgment, Covenant/Promise, Salvation, Baptism, Grace, Heaven/Hell…Jesus….(and still many more!)

These words have produced concepts, that have turned into ALL the “ologies” and “isms”, that has effected Humanity so very deeply. In so many different ways. For the Good! and the Bad!

So if you are willing, (I know how I can be; *My Apologies🙇‍♀️*, and am actively working upon it!) let US REASON all the words, TOGETHER!, with -out- all the “lil jabs” and “points to prove”!(?)

*** Please answer to the best of your ability, from -your journey- WITH GOD!!!***- Not MAN!!!(and his Theologies and philosophies)



1. Who is God(?) What is God(?)How is God multiple, yet One at the same time(?) How does God speak(?) Move(?)

2. What is Faith(?) What does it mean to have it(?) To use it(?) Does it differ from belief(?) If so, in what way(?) If not, then how so(?)

3. What is obedience(?) How do you “obey”(?) What are you “obeying”(?) Who are you to obey(?)

4. What is Israel(?)  Land(?) Jerusalem(?)/ Judah(?) A people(?) A Nation(?) Physical(?) metaphorical(?) allegorical(?)

5. What is the Law(?)-Noah, Moses, Jesus/Christ- /  Purpose(?) How(in what way)  is it to be followed(?) Was anything -really-done away with(?)

6. What is Judgment(?) Righteousness vs. Unrighteousness(?)

7. What is a Covenant(?) Promise(?) How are they established(?) Can they be amended/annulled(?) Are we to make them in the First place(?)

8. Salvation….lol….What exactly is Salvation(?) Is it something we do(?) Have(?)  How do you Get it(?) Do we Become it(?)How  do you Live it(?) Embrace it(?)

9. What is Baptism(?) Purpose(?) Process(?)  Inner(?)/outer(?)

10. What is Grace(?) How is it supposed to be used(?)

11. What is Heaven/Hell(?)  Do the understandings of both, match throughout the entirety of the Bible(?) Without double speak(?)

12. Who is Jesus(?) What is Jesus(?) What was his purpose(?) mission(?) Message(?)



1. As always!, -I never- do these kind of posts for strife or contention, but for Clarity and Harmony, for everyone’s sake. The old(ways) must be destroyed, before any new can come! You must be willing!

We all do not have to be the same, to be in Harmony(with the teachings and each other)!!! There is a lesson in that!!!- that we are failing terribly, including me!

2. I am also aware that these are a lot of questions!, which I do not expect an answer to all of them. They are to provoke/promote -thought and reflection-(according to scripture and your relationship)😋 Though if you choose too…😎

3. I am aware that each of these “buzz words” are an OP within themselves! If any would like to continue after this OP closes, please let me know(before), and I will continue with a second part.

4. Above all else, let us show Love💚, as “brothers and sisters”,….

( whether we claim each other or not…lol)

…….compassion, respect, and understanding…(for each other and our backgrounds!!!)…..towards one an other…in the way in which we would like for ourselves!…… So that in this way, we may allow our light to shine!!!….(however much we may have)


Perhaps it just may light the(a) way, for others whom are not able to See!!!

Let’s have some fun with this!🤩, and not let it get toooo serious!—yes, me too…lol….for I am WAY to serious🧐.

-Lead me- by example! Pease🙏 For I Am truly just a -Child- in Christ Jesus.







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