Conservatives’ climate plan would replace Liberal carbon tax with lower levy of their own

After years of criticizing the Liberal carbon tax, the Conservative party is proposing a climate plan that also puts a price on carbon for consumers, according to a copy of the party’s climate change plan obtained by CBC News.

But instead of the Liberal carbon tax-and-rebate system, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole is proposing to charge a levy on fuel purchases and use the money to fund personalized savings accounts, which Canadians can use for environmentally friendly purchases.

“We recognize that the most efficient way to reduce  our emissions is to use pricing mechanisms,” notes the plan.

Under O’Toole’s plan — which will be unveiled Thursday — Canadians would pay a carbon levy, initially amounting to $20 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions, every time they buy hydro-carbon based fuels, such as gas.

But instead of that money going into direct rebates for Canadian households, as is the case currently, the Conservatives would divert revenues to a “personal low carbon savings account.”


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