Healthy eating is for the privileged?

Whenever people say they do not understand why poor people are fat, just point out to them the difference in price between…

  • a bag of apples vs. a bag of chips
  • a liter of milk vs. a liter of coke
  • a protein bar vs. a candy bar

Unhealthy food is cheap. Healthy food is not. At least it isn’t without infrastructure and support to sustain nutritious living. There are inexpensive ways to eat healthy, but one cannot blame an inner city underprivileged single mom in social housing who is subsisting on minimum wage part time work and food stamps for not having a garden, potable tap water and a half a day a week to set aside for food prepping. And often those relegated to deteriorating city cores exist in what is termed a “food desert” where groceries are hard to find, but 7/11’s and fast food restaurants abound.

Health should not be a privilege, but it is. We can and should do better.

But how?