Free Will Is No Longer “Free” Will, Scientists and Philosophers Declare

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Free Will has never been “free” will, a growing concensus of scientists and philosophers agree.

The reality, as this article observes, is that free will is not even possible, and never has been. Scientists and now philosophers have united in this view, to form a growing consensus.

N.B. Dissenting points of view are also represented in the article. Please sure to read both sides of the argument before commenting.


  1. Given no free will, what are the consequences for the Criminal Law in Western Europe, and the U.S.?
  2. How does a reality in which there is no free will affect you, personally?
  3. Right down to that extra sugar you do (or do not) put in your coffee every morning. Did your genes make you do it?
  4. Which other areas in your life might be affected by this revelation?

But is it a revelation…for you? Or did you always suspect something like this?

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