Feeling Anxious About Returning To Post-Pandemic Society? You’re Not Alone

R&I – FS

After a long, dark year, social muscles have atrophied. In-person gatherings now call for weighty questions about COVID-19 safety. And many people, who during the pandemic found relief in empty calendars, don’t want to go back to the world as they knew it.

NPR’s All Things Considered heard from listeners who are grappling with these new realities, and we enlisted two experts to help answer those questions: Dr. Lucy McBride, a primary care physician, has been hearing a lot about these post-pandemic stumbling blocks from patients and Ekemini Uwan, a theologian, has written about letting go of the past in order to build a better future.


Article URL : https://www.npr.org/2021/05/19/998313384/after-a-year-at-home-listeners-ask-us-how-to-human-again