Here is the nuclear triad we actually need for deterrence

In today’s uncertain world, we should sustain each leg of our triad of nuclear weapons — submarine and land-based ballistic missiles, and bombers. This combination of three delivery systems provides the foundation of our national defense, at least until future arms control agreements can be negotiated. 

First, he should continue investing in the new Columbia Class strategic missile submarines, its Trident missiles, and the two refurbished warheads they carry.  Excessive plans for a third submarine missile warhead  and a new tactical sea-launched nuclear cruise missile should be scrapped.

Second, he should sustain our very capable Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), along with the one safe and modern warhead they currently can deliver. The second, older, and less safe warhead should be phased out. The exorbitant plan for a brand new ICBM replacement force, called the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent, should be taken off the drawing board. 

Third, President Biden should move ahead with the new B-21 Raider stealth bomber and the effective, updated B-61-12 nuclear gravity bomb it will deliver, while eliminating plans to replace our old Air-Launched Cruise Missile with a new Long-Range Strike Option (LRSO). 

Most significantly, these changes to the triad remove dual-capable weapon systems — those that could be either conventional or nuclear.