I was a Disney princess, now I’m a sexy OnlyFans star

Diligently playing the part of Princess Jasmine, the love interest of Aladdin, Dare Taylor immersed herself in a role that mostly involved small talk with excited little girls in awe of her costume.

She projected a wholesome image during countless encounters at Disney World in Florida, where she was routinely stationed in the shadow of the iconic Cinderella Castle.

But, five years on, the enterprising moonlighting gigs Taylor picked up while she worked at the Magic Kingdom have become her permanent career.

The 26-year-old hung up Jasmine’s MC Hammer pants for good and now cavorts naked on the adult digital platform OnlyFans.

“It’s a big pivot but I’m making more people happy than I was at Disney,” the California-based performer told The Post. “You can only reach so many folks in an hour at a theme park, but now I can meet millions online.”

Dare Taylor as intrepid mystery solver Velma with Scooby-Doo at Universal Studios.
Courtesy of Dare Taylor

Taylor dreamed about working at Disney from the age of 8. She was always enthralled by its costumed characters during annual visits to the attraction with her mom. The pair would travel to Orlando from their small town of Belle Plaine, Minnesota, and marvel at the fanfare and fireworks.

“I loved everything about it,” said Taylor.

After achieving her dream of working at Disney, Taylor has pivoted to OnlyFans.
Jam Press

The trips would often be a reward after the tween competed in kids beauty pageants across the US. The contests helped cure her shyness and eventually led to her winning the title of Miss Teen Minnesota at the age of 18. Spurred on by her success, she decided to seek her fortune elsewhere.

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