Breast exams for Jesus!

R&I NV — Imagine someone in a subway with a sign that said “FREE BREAST EXAMS” taped onto a rickety card table scattered with rubber gloves and Purell. Or what if two young men in crisp white shirts wearing unconvincing grins knocked on your door? “Hello! I am Elder Jones and this is Elder Andrews and we’d like to scan your hard drive!” Most people would think offers like that strange, invasive and even offensive.

In relation to your vital organs, your cyber security or your finances how would you compare the importance and sensitivity of your soul – if such a thing existed. Would you trust it to just anybody? How much trust do we accord a fork-lift driver sitting at a card table on Saturday morning? Do two young men on your doorstep, barely able to shave, inspire confidence? What about the random, nameless, faceless religious troll here on BNR who answers every mundane question with Scripture he cuts/pastes from Bible Gateway?

If we expect a licensing board to allow doctors to examine your kidneys why not a credentialing body to qualify would-be evangelists? Why do people actually allow the unqualified, uneducated, unaccountable and uncredentialled to handle their very essence but require malpractice history from their pediatricians?

Joe M RN