Biden’s vaccine rules to set off barrage of legal challenges

Biden’s vaccine rules to set off barrage of legal challenges

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s sweeping new vaccine requirements have Republican governors threatening lawsuits. His unapologetic response: “Have at it.”

The administration is gearing up for another major clash between federal and state rule. But while many details about the rules remain unknown, Biden appears to be on firm legal ground to issue the directive in the name of protecting employee safety, according to several experts interviewed by The Associated Press.

“My bet is that with respect to that statutory authority, they’re on pretty strong footing given the evidence strongly suggesting the degree of risk that (unvaccinated individuals) pose, not only to themselves but also unto others,” said University of Connecticut law professor Sachin Pandya.

Republicans swiftly denounced the mandate that could impact 100 million Americans as government overreach and vowed to sue, and private employers who resist the requirements may do so as well. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called it an “assault on private businesses” while Gov. Henry McMaster promised to “fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian.” The Republican National Committee has also said it will sue the administration “to protect Americans and their liberties.”

My take? It’s about time.

I have finally had to come to the conclusion that the main ‘patriotic’ opposition to the vaccine/mask preventative measures weren’t because people weren’t sure if it would be safe, and they weren’t even because they believed they were ‘fighting for their freedom as American citizens’. No. That would have been ridiculous, but I would have at least have understood it.

No. What I’ve had to admit to myself is that they are avoiding the vaccine because they aren’t in a ‘high-risk population’. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with them not understanding that the more of us that take precautionary measures, the more of us are likely to survive and even thrive. They understand it just fine. They just don’t care. It doesn’t make any difference to them. They aren’t likely to get sick, so f*** every other person on the planet.

I can’t tell you how angry that makes me. There are few things that get me going quite as much as callous disregard for other people, and these people are consciously being that callous. You want to sue? Go for it.

We are done coddling your selfishness at the expense of the preventable deaths of other people. As far as I’m concerned you can rot in jail. I’m even totally good with funding an isolated, secured, island for you to live on with your fellow ‘patriots’ for the remainder of your worthless lives. We can call it Johnny Freedom Island.

Anyone have a problem with that? You know what you can do with it.