Resign now: 52% want Biden out but fear worse under Harris

People have seen enough of President Joe Biden and his administration’s bumbling over the Afghan withdrawal and now want him to resign.

In the latest shocking display of the president’s polling free fall, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that a majority, 52%, wants Biden to resign over the withdrawal alone. Just 39% disagrees, far short of his political base.

But, as other polls have shown, likely voters surveyed do not want Vice President Kamala Harris to step in, viewing her as unqualified.

The data, shared in advance with Secrets, twins with the president’s weekly job approval rating, which also shows that the nation, for now, has given up on the aging president who sometimes appears fumbling. Biden’s approval rating is also plummeting and sits about where former President Donald Trump’s approval-disapproval rating had sunk to at this stage in his presidency.