What part of “I can’t give you what you want” do you not understand?

This has become a pet peeve of mine with this channel, so take it for what it’s worth.

There’s a whole lot of variation of detail involved, but it basically comes down to this:

(Not me) “Prove your God exists.”

(Me) “I can’t in a way you would accept”.

(Not me) “You’re deflecting. Prove your baby-killing, egomaniacal, psychotic, not happy unless you’re quaking in your boots, creator of evil, comes down on your side of the high school football game, loving to send people to suffer for eternity, genocidal sky-fairy exists. And you can’t use the buybull to support it.

(By the way, how <i>clever </i> to use buybull as a way to refer to the Bible (calm down, it’s capitalized as a proper noun). See, it’s a homophone of bible, but written to say that everything written in it is bullshit you are supposed to buy. Get it??

You seem to be looking for some kind of physical, scientific, repeatable proof that will leave no doubt.

(Me) “There is no physical, scientific, repeatable proof that I can offer.”

(Not me) “Stop deflecting”.

(Me) “You asking the same question over and over and over again and expecting a different answer is the definition of insanity”

(Not me) “Stop deflecting. I do keep asking the question because you have yet to answer it.”

(Me) “I’m not giving the answer you want. I am giving you the only answer I can give.”

(Not me) “Stop deflecting and give me an answer”.

(Me) “Why don’t you tell me what you want to hear and I can give you that answer?”

(Not me) “You’re still deflecting. I win.”

That’s the gist.

So I most sincerely ask, what answer could I give that you would accept? What are you looking for? Because seriously the only thing going around in these circles is good for is making people dizzy.