Jared Golden sole Democrat to vote against Build Back Better Act

Jared Golden

Golden said he felt Democrats could “do better” than what has already been included in the social spending package. However, he did not rule out voting for the bill once it made its way through the Senate.

Earlier this month, Golden published a Medium post outlining his concerns with the spending package, expressing disappointment with the child tax credit, the elimination of the SALT cap and the lack of prescription drug pricing reform.

On Thursday, the CBO released a full cost estimate of the Build Back Better Act, estimating that the bill would increase the deficit by $367 billion over 10 years. The estimate did not, however, take into account the $207 billion in revenue that the bill would raise.

If the package does pass through the Senate and Golden decides again to vote against it, House Democrats can only afford to lose two more votes in order to pass the roughly $2 trillion spending bill.

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