Kid Rock Calls Out “Nation of P*ssies,” “Snowflakes” and “Offended Millennials” in New Song

Kid Rock Calls Out “Nation of P*ssies,” “Snowflakes” and “Offended Millennials” in New Song
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Kid Rock has released “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” his first new song since 2017.

Unsurprisingly given his support for former president Donald Trump, his aversion to wearing masks and his casual use of homophobic slurs as insults, the lyrics of the song, which harks back to his early rap metal sound, serve as a rallying cry for conservative culture, blaming “snowflakes,” “offended millennials” and “woke” culture for everything he perceives as wrong in modern day America.

Rock and Monster Truck’s Jon Harvey trade verses in the song while brandishing guns and smoking cigars, and Rock wears a white fur coat, an old wardrobe staple, while referencing his “Devil Without a Cause” days. The song also contains the following a verse, an insult to everyone name-checked: “I’m like Reverend Run or David Lee Roth / Like Springsteen bitch, I’m the motherfucking Boss. James Dean, shit / I’m more like Brad Pitt / A little less pretty but I slang more dick.”

Elsewhere, Rock decries the “nation of pussies,” participation trophies for kids, and the “fake news,” the latter while CNBC and CNN logos flash on the screen, amongst other grievances.