A BLM crowd in Portland chanted “Say His Name!” for Joseph Rosenbaum … you know, the convicted serial child molester who attacked teenager Kyle Rittenhouse

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It is getting hard to tell what’s real and what’s not real these days. But here we are in 2021, and the Left is holding up a child molester as some sort of martyr or hero for the Black Lives Matter movement—and they’re not even joking.

Do they not know?

Or is it that they do know and it doesn’t matter to them?

Either way, this is sort of gross, honestly. This dude… well I don’t want to talk about it, really. Here, why don’t you check this out and I’ll talk to you later. Dude is anything but a hero.Appropriate Sentence Might Have Kept Arizona Child Molester From Being Killed In Rittenhouse’s Self-DefenseResidents say Joseph Rosenbaum, who was the first man Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot in self-defense would be alive today if justice has been served in Pima County, Arizona. On Friday, a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of killing Rosenbaum, who had been chasing Rittenhouse before the teenager shot in self-defense. According to the…ARIZONADAILYINDEPENDENT.COM

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