An attitude of gratitude is well understood to be associated with happiness and health. 

And in this particular, I find myself at a disadvantage to God-believers. Not that I am unable to cultivate gratitude–but the process can be a wee bit trickier.

I distinctly recall standing by the shore of my favorite lake at night, feeling gratitude, and wishing I had someone to thank for it. Gratitude, it seems, wants a personal object to thank. Lacking one, it seems a bit dazed and confused.

I think mealtime prayers also illustrate the point. “Thank you God for the food on this table” is a powerful sentiment. “Thank you wheat, farmers and bakeries,” is a bit clumsier.

Believers, you got one on me.

Nonetheless, I am grateful for many things, including the ability to spout my opinions willy-nilly to the lot of you and hear what you think in return.

Happy Thanksgiving!