Eternal Life Is An Emergent Gift Of Our Beautiful Universe

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Eternal Life Is An Emergent Gift From Our Beautiful Universe

And eternal life is already here, without any religion.

Just as an apple-tree ‘apples’, so our Universe ‘peoples’*

This emergent Universal property of ‘peopling’* carries on quite independently of our own death, as we know and observe directly.

Hence, eternal life is already here in our Universe.

Christianity** offers a diffetent, in that it suggests this emergent property is attached to the individual, via something called a ‘soul’.

While the Christian view is understandable, it’s also but one idea: And in Christianity, there is no proof-of-concept for eternal life.

Whereas the Universe ‘peopling’* is a demonstrable, irrefutable, incontrovertible fact. It has absolute proof-of-concept, iterated billions of times daily, right in front of our eyes.

Any rational belief must go with the demonstrable, irrefutable fact of ‘peopling’*, not necessarily to myriad concepts like Christianity and Islam, which are wholly devoid of proof-of-concept for an eternal life attached to the individual.

1. Why would eternal life be a consideration for a religion, when it’s already an observable fact…a common, everyday observable phenomenon.

Key Footnotes
* Just as our Universe ‘peoples’ it also and obviously tigers, mouses, cockroaches, pandas, baboons, camels, Whales, Shih-Tzus…and covids &c &c &c…and it does so billions of times daily…right in front of our eyes.

**Christianity is not alone in this concept, Islam also holds there’s an afterlife for the individual, as, to an extent, does Judaism.

Credit: I first heard this idea from Alan Watts, and my daughter–one of the Universe’s apples–passed it along to me.

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