The Biden Administration is Destroying America

Charlotte, NC — It is hard to imagine that the president who gained the most votes in American history would have an approval rating below 60 percent, or even as low as 50 percent. Somehow, our great leader, who was voted for by more Americans than any other president in our nation’s history, has an approval rating that dives to 33 percent according to a Quinnipiac University poll. Biden’s approval rating sat around 55 percent upon entering office just about a year ago. This doesn’t seem to add up when you consider all that Biden promised the people of this great nation in his campaign a couple of years ago, now.

If he was going to be the president to stop the spread of COVID-19 and unite this country, why wouldn’t he have a skyrocketing approval rating? No matter where in the country you take this poll, you would think that the most voted-for president would have a great approval rating with these ambitions while in office. When we visit reality and see what is really happening with this administration, we can realize that there was no real set plan to take care of COVID-19, our economy, our freedoms, our safety or anything in regards to making this country better and “building back better.”

Let’s visit a few of the things that Biden, and his administration, has done for our country, or should I say against our country? Back to Biden’s campaign, the only thing that he was able to use against Trump, even though it was all false, was how he didn’t handle COVID-19 professionally. Biden was going to be the one to get the vaccine out to our people of this great nation and that would slow down the spread, as well as get us back to normal.

Fast forward to today and what do we see that the Biden administration has done for our country to stop COVID-19, or even slow the spread for that matter? The spread of COVID-19 seems to be just as bad as it always was, even with most of America vaccinated. Biden and Harris have a seven-point plan to beat COVID-19 and, so far it hasn’t worked at all.

The first step of their plan includes “fixing” Trump’s testing-and-tracing fiasco, which entails multiplying testing sites and testing availability. This plan will not work, and has proven that it has not worked, because testing is not the solution. Testing for COVID-19 does not stop the spread one bit. We have perfectly healthy and asymptomatic people constantly taking tests when several studies have proven that the tests don’t offer full credibility when used on a subject without symptoms. There have also been numerous studies proving that asymptomatic people are far less likely to spread the virus and pose, virtually, no harm.

Skipping to the third step of their horrible seven-point plan, we see that the Biden administration wants to “provide clear, consistent, evidence-based national guidance for how communities should navigate the pandemic.” We know that none of the national guidance has had anything clear, consistent or evidence-based since Biden stepped foot in office. They want to subject children to vaccines even though studies prove they are not in danger, nor pose a threat to the rest of society. Biden also expects all of our population to be injected with a vaccine that has not given any evidence of actually working against the virus, both in catching and spreading COVID. There are a long list of other “guidelines” that we could go through that provide zero clear, consistent, evidence-based guidance on how to get back to normal.

The last step on their seven-point plan…..