Palestinians will consider all options to end Israeli occupation, apartheid: Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says his country is considering all options to end the Israeli occupation as the Tel Aviv regime is pressing ahead with “its colonial practices that perpetuate apartheid and settler terrorism.”

“We will consider all our options, especially as we have responded, to the fullest extent, to the international efforts aimed at finding a fair resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and fulfilled all our obligations, so that no one can blame us for the obstruction of the peace process,” Mahmoud Abbas said at the opening of the 31st session of the Palestinian Central Council on Sunday.

He stressed that “It is no longer possible to remain silent on the current situation,” adding “It has become imperative for us to make fateful decisions to maintain our presence in our homeland, for the sake of al-Quds, the jewel of the crown, and for the sake of a free Palestine.”