BREAKING: Face Mask Wearing Male Who Plowed Into 4 #TruckersForFreedom Supporters With SUV Is Anarchist [VIDEO]

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On Saturday, witnesses in Winnepeg reported that a white vehicle rammed into protesters at the trucker’s “Freedom Convoy.”

In the video below, a white vehicle can be seen speeding up and then ramming into the back of another vehicle where protesters are casually lining the edge of the street. In the video, it appears as though the driver is intentionally ramming into the vehicle in front of it where the pedestrian is also standing.

The driver was alone in his SUV while wearing a face mask.

Four people were injured by the driver of the white SUV when it accelerated and ran into four pedestrians and then quickly drove away. Protesters could be seen running to the person who appeared to have been run over by the white vehicle as they helped him out of the roadway.