Why Did Biden’s Campaign Hire Hillary’s Cybersecurity Firm Accused Of Spying on Trump?

The corporate press is doing all they can to deflect from this story or dismiss it as a non-issue. That’s a misrepresentation of what this step means. This step clears the way for future steps in the investigation, exposing legal conflicts of interest that might otherwise provide an occasion for a criminal case to be dismissed. This is by no means to be seen as the final chapter of this saga.

And here is the too-long-didn’t-read summary, courtesy National Review. Note the name Rodney Joffee.

In a court submission last week, Durham alleged that a tech executive, who was supposed to be helping the government combat cyber threats, used his privileged access to Internet data — specifically, domain name system (DNS) traffic between servers — to mine contacts between Russia and facilities connected to Donald Trump. The information, Durham says, was taken out of context and distorted to suggest that Trump might be a clandestine agent of Vladimir Putin’s regime. Alarmingly, some of the Internet traffic mined in early 2017 was generated by the Executive Office of the President — the White House. That is, the tech executive, who has been identified as Rodney Joffe, was monitoring then-President Trump, trying to portray him as Putin’s mole.

In other words: He was spying on the President of the United States with the aim of harming his ability to govern the country. [Emphasis added]

So, it appears (is alleged) that Clinton hired Joffee to perform some wildly nefarious and unconstitutional acts in the service of making sure Hillary Clinton did not have to stand by and watch a ‘smooth transition of power’ between Obama and Trump. The dates for which he is under suspicion of having illicitly spied on Donald Trump’s private data ranged from July 2016 until February 2017, when he was already a sitting President.

If you wonder why Trump has invoked the word ‘Treason’… well, now you know.