John Cena’s X-rated ‘Peacemaker’ jab shoots ‘Arrow’ in Stephen Amell’s ego

DC Comics got beef: “Arrow” star Stephen Amell has responded to a shocking X-rated takedown of his character in John Cena’s “Peacemaker.”

Amell, 40, came out slinging at Cena, 44, after the latter made a joke about Green Arrow in the Feb. 18 season finale of his HBO Max series.

Cena’s snarky Peacemaker proclaims that Green Arrow “goes to Brony conventions dressed as the back half of Twilight Sparkle with a four-inch-wide butthole drilled in the costume.”

For reference, a “Brony” is a male fan of the neon cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” — and Princess Twilight Sparkle refers to the name of a horse character on the ’80s animated classic

Amell starred as the DC hero on the CW’s “Arrow” for eight seasons from 2012 until 2020. He now stars as a pro-wrestler on the Stars series “Heels,” which is perhaps why he decided to sucker-punch Cena where it might hurt most.

The Toronto native took to Twitter on Friday to retaliate for Peacemaker’s anal attack: Amell trolled wrestler-turned-actor Cena by quipping, “Haven’t seen it. Too busy showing Cena what professional wrestling should actually look like on TV.”

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John Cena’s X-rated ‘Peacemaker’ jab shoots ‘Arrow’ in Stephen Amell’s ego