STOP THE MADNESS! Male Swimmer Who Identifies As a Woman Set 5 Ivy School Records…How Is This Fair To Female Swimmers Forced To Compete With Trans Athletes?

Two transgender swimmers, Lia Thomas and Iszac Henig, blew away the competition at the women’s Ivy League Swimming Championships.

University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas first won the 500-yard freestyle in 4 minutes and 37.32 seconds, beating the second-place swimmer by 7.5 seconds. The next day, Thomas also won the 200-yard freestyle race in a minute and 43.12 seconds, setting a new Ivy League record.

Thomas also won the 100-yard freestyle event on Saturday, setting a new meet record in this event as well and narrowly beating out Iszac Henig.

Yale’s Iszac Henig, also a transgender athlete, won the 50-yard freestyle in 21.93 seconds.