The Chickens of Weakness Have Come Home to Roost Today for Joe Biden on Russia

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The chickens of weakness are coming home to roost today.

Just like with Afghanistan, where Joe Biden had months to deal with the situation and left it a shambles, now, even though he’s been warning about action in Ukraine, he’s done nothing to discourage Vladimir Putin from taking the action he’s taking today, repeatedly refusing to take any real pre-emptive sanctions with teeth against Russia, despite Ukraine begging him to do so.

The Putin recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk — that is an effort to place a thin legal veil over the further invasion, which reportedly is right now underway. That means Putin had finally pulled the trigger.

But even faced with what he had been talking about now for months, how did the Biden Administration respond?

They announced that they would be imposing sanctions — not on Putin, mind you, but on Ukraine — not allowing Americans to invest in the two areas that Putin would like to grab.