Trump’s Texas endorsements show he’s ‘risk-averse but vindictive’: report

Former president Donald Trump’s Texas endorsements show he’s “still nursing a grudge” — but he appears mainly concerned about his “batting average,” according to a report from the Dallas Morning News.

And nearly all 37 candidates of Trump’s endorsed candidates in Texas — a number that reflects “a remarkable attention to local affairs for an ex-president” — are “prohibitive frontrunners,” the Morning News reports. 

“Seven of the 16 U.S. House incumbents Trump backs are unopposed on Tuesday,” according to the newspaper. “The rest hold huge fundraising leads over little-known challengers. Most endorsements came after the filing deadline. All of which adds up to a pattern: Trump is more focused on his batting average than on reshaping the party.”

“By continuing to play in these primaries and to play aggressively, Trump shows that he is not going to let bygones be bygones,” Blank said, adding that if the former president is reelected in 2024, “you should expect the party to be even more in lockstep with him than we saw during his first term.”