What do we agree on?

I wonder what if anything the participants on this channel all agree on. I would like to think the following items enjoy universal support. I’m curious if anyone here disagrees with any of these propositions:

  1. Authoritarianism is bad. Whether it takes the form of Soviet, Cuban, or Chinese communism; German, Italian, or Spanish fascism; or Venezuelan or Russian autocracy, authoritarianism is bad for society, bad for humanity.
  2. Liberal democracy is good. “Liberal democracy”–in case you didn’t know–encompasses both “liberal” and “conservative” ideologies. It includes a republican form of government such as the US has, and guarantees basic civil rights to all, including equal protection under the law, due process, and free and fair elections.
  3. Protecting liberal democracy is more important than winning on policy issues. Whether your issue is climate change, Christian values, social justice, free enterprise, or something else, it is more important to preserve liberal democratic institutions and norms than it is to see your policy preferences win over the policies you disagree with or fear.

Speak up! Let us know if you agree with all three of those propositions, or whether you disagree with one or more of them.