Switzerland Says Sorry!

In a new satirical video format, Swiss comedian and director Patrick Karpiczenko apologises for Switzerland’s transgressions.

The Swiss banking centre has cleaned up its act over the past few years, but film industry villains still have their accounts here. They are not the only ones: Russian oligarchs have a soft spot for Swiss banks too. With deep lakes and high mountains, the Alpine nation is full of contrasts. Humanitarian organisations like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have their headquarters here, but so do scandal-ridden international sports federations like FIFA. Switzerland is both a role model and the black sheep of the flock. As unthreatening as a Swiss Army knife, and yet repeatedly the focus of international criticism. In a long tradition In our new satirical format, we explore this ambivalence and say “sorry” to the world – for minor and major transgressions. Produced by Swiss comedian, writer and director Patrick Karpiczenko, the segments are intended to inform and entertain, especially on social media. Satire has always been the overlap of humor and seriousness. Ever since Jon Stewart, former host of the Daily Show, was voted the most trusted news anchor in the US in 2009, satire has been embraced by the mainstream media. From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to animated explainers from Vox, Cheddar or VICE, there is a wide choice today for news consumers on social media. We see our format as part of that tradition.


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