Is Being Left-Handed a Sin?

My brother, a non-dogmatic Christian, shared with me a post from a friend who lightheartedly noted that he was a “sinner” because the Bible condemns left-handedness 7 different times (or was it 70?). “Huh,” I thought. “Does the Bible really do that?” The top result of my Google search was this:

This post fascinated me because of its odd mix of reasonableness, compassion, and bat-shit insanity. The author says that while the Bible doesn’t explicitly say left-handedness is a sin, it does seem to take a dim view of it, so we should consider it sinful, but be compassionate towards left-handed people and not judge them. Some fun excerpts (I really recommend the whole thing):

The dispensationalist-reverse approach

A second “dispensationalist-reverse” approach says all OT commandments are abolished unless reaffirmed in the NT. The problem with that view is the NT is silent on a whole range of behaviours.(5)

For example, there is no categorical NT command affirming the OT prohibition against making fun of deaf people (Lev. 19:14). While the OT condemns bestiality (Lev. 18:23) there is no mention of this in the NT. And while almost all denominations uphold the OT principle of tithing, the NT is largely silent on the issue.(6)

. . .

Be careful of judging others

Sin undoubtedly involves actions and omissions with moral consequences. Nevertheless, determining which behaviours constitute sin is much harder than simply picking our favourite proof text and rationalising all the others away. Unless you men are greeting each other with kisses rather than handshakes, you women are keeping quiet whilst wearing Muslim-like veils, and both men and women divorcees are being disfellowshipped as the SDA Church Manual demands (9), then I’d be cautious of making judgments on the behaviour of others.  

. . .

He goes on, sounding so reasonable, and then lands my favorite:

. . .As to arguments left-handed people might be different because they aren’t trying hard enough, everyone is blatantly “living in sin”, as we all continue to do things we deliberately know are sinful – over and over and over again (Rom. 7:14-25).

Open sinners in Church leadership

Nonetheless, I equally accept that people who openly adopt a “left-handed lifestyle” perhaps should not be put into high Church office – especially in roles requiring ordination. Contrary to popular perception, while we are all sinners God doesn’t treat all sinners alike, because He expects a higher standard from leaders (Jam. 3:1).



  1. Any lefties out there: Have you been condemned/judged for your left-handedness? If so, was it from a religious or a cultural basis? How did it affect you?
  2. Christians: What do you make of the Bible’s treatment of left-handedness? Is it sinful?
  3. Everyone: The author rejects the “dispensationalist-reverse approach,” which is used by some Christians to justify their view that homosexuality is sinful. Has our author effectively debunked that view?
  4. Everyone: WTF is a “left-handed lifestyle?”