Two sets of quintuplet lambs are born in Swindon

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Two sets of quintuplet lambs have been born in a “one in a million” event, a farmer has said.

Farm owner Rupert Burr described the event as “quite remarkable” with the lambs being born just a few days apart at the end of March.
The rare occurrence happened on Roves farm and visitor centre in Sevenhampton, Swindon.

Mr Burr said: “The chances of this are very slim, they say it’s about one in a million to get one set of quintuplets in a season, so to have two in a few days is quite remarkable.”

“It’s very rare, especially with the number of sheep we have got, you might expect maybe to get one set of quintuplets, and not all of them survive, but to have two sets and all of them survive is pretty impressive.”

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