Media Hacks Forced To Admit The Obvious: ‘Defund The Police’ Was A Liberal Sham

Remember when Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, targeted police officers? Even Biden himself vowed that he would ‘defund the police’. Now Democrats want to pretend like that never happened as election day grows near and crime hums along at an all-time high. Too bad for them, no one forgot who launched a dangerous campaign that endangered officers.

In recent conferences, both Pelosi and Biden claimed that ‘defund’ was not the policy of Democrats. It was a lie too thick for the nets to swallow.

Scott responded, “I mean there’s a handful of Progressives over in the House that want to potentially defund the police. But, I mean we heard from the President himself, we heard from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, this is not a message that they believe even. Exactly, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has come out and said this is not our message. This is not what we’re campaigning on ahead of the midterms. And Mayor Adams just pointed out there was funding within that Build Back Better plan to actually help police officers.”

Even Christie shocked me by calling it what it really was, propaganda, “they’re not saying it anymore because it’s not popular anymore,” Christie said. He then went on to offer his Dem buddies some cover adding, “I’m not saying Schumer or those guys were in favor, but they were silent. They were scared and they were silent to oppose the progressives.”