Over 700 license plates banned in Florida

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The state of Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles maintains a list of vanity license plates banned from use on Florida cars. That list contains just over 700 different options.

According to FLHSMV, license plates with “obscene or objectionable words” are rejected. If a plate is issued that is later found to be obscene or objectionable, the plate will be recalled. Staff in the tax collectors’ offices or FLHSMV offices screen vanity plates for potentially obscene options.

When applications for license plates are submitted, they are screened through the department’s Inventory Control Unit, according to a spokesperson from FLHSMV. Some of the recall efforts also involve everyday Florida residents.

Among some of the more noteworthy banned license plate tags are references to politics, drugs and sexual activities, or ones that contain swear words, including “47TRUMP,” “FKJ0BDN,” “DUMASS,” and “M3TH,” among others.

“Customers can contact FLHSMV or their local tax collector’s office to file a complaint should they encounter a plate that is obscene or objectionable,” FLHSMV said in a statement to WFLA.

Are you planning to get a special license plate for a new car or update the one you have? Check the list below to see some of the licenses plates banned.

  1. 1BADTRX
  2. 2AFJB
  3. 2CBJB
  4. 3X12BS
  5. 47TRUMP
  6. 69NICE
  7. 911DK



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