Tennessee Bill Requires Drunk Drivers Who Kill Parents of a Minor to Pay Child Support

A Tennessee bill requiring a drunk driver to pay child support if they kill a parent during a crash passed unanimously in the state’s Senate.

Tennessee lawmakers passed House Bill 1834 on Wednesday, and is now headed to Gov. Bill Lee’s desk for his expected signature, according to News Channel 3 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The legislation would force anyone convicted of vehicular homicide due to intoxication or aggravated vehicular homicide to pay restitution if the victim is the parent of a minor child.

The bill was known as “Bentley’s Law” after a child in Missouri whose parents were killed in an accident involving a drunk driver.

The bill was also amended to include the names of fallen police officer Nicholas Galinger’s children.

According to local NBC affiliate WSMV-TV in Nashville, Galinger was a Chattanooga police officer when he was struck and killed in February 2019 by a woman, Janet Hinds, who was driving while intoxicated, officials said.

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