LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva says deputies making arrests, but cases ‘fall apart’ when they reach DA Gascon

According to Villanueva, his office presented 13,238 cases that the district attorney’s office later rejected because they don’t conform to Gascon’s “special directives.”

“Astonishing number of cases,” said Villanueva. “These are people that did bad things that left a victim, have the evidence presented and they said ‘don’t bother,’” he continued.

“There’s no deterrence in this current scheme,” said Villanueva. “We have to have teeth in what we’re doing.”

According to data provided by the LASD, homicides are down 37.8% from this point last year, however, robberies and aggravated assaults are up more than 11%.

“The deputies are going to continue doing their job, they make the arrests, they’ll write the reports, but then what happens after it’s submitted to the D.A is where it all falls apart,” said Villanueva.