Terror: Wave of 25 New Attacks Against Pregnancy Centers, Churches After Dobbs

Notably, 17 out of the 25 attacks occurred in predominantly liberal cities and states, including Nashville, Portland, Philadelphia, New York City, Houston, and New Orleans, as well as in California, Colorado, Washington State, New Hampshire, and Northern Virginia.

The latest rash of onslaughts are part of a much broader pattern of terrorism against churches, pregnancy resource centers, pro-life organizations, and individuals that erupted after Politico published a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion of Dobbs on May 2. In all, TWS has found evidence of at least 92 violent incidents in 60 days.

After 56 days of sustained property destruction without any reports of arrests being made by law enforcement across the country, a 31-year-old Bellevue, Wash. man was arrested on Tuesday after he smashed a door in and defaced the property of a Catholic church with graffiti, before damaging a police cruiser.

A pro-abortion terrorist group known as “Jane’s Revenge” has publicly claimed responsibility for many of the attacks that have taken place, including multiple attacks within the last seven days.