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It’s a conspiracy, until it isn’t. There are those that claim to be ‘serious’ journalists who continue to insist that this ‘Great Reset nonsense’ doing the rounds on social media is just that – conspiracy hype.

To be fair, the central premise of the Great Reset as laid out by the World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab is the stuff of lunacy.

When footage emerges of a robe-clad Schwab pontificating to an audience of global leaders, celebrities, bankers, bureaucrats, and billionaires, the press either pretend they’re in a horror film with ghosts they can’t see, or – as has happened recently – they insist that the Great Reset is actually ‘a good thing’.

The problem for civilisation is that the upper echelons of power and wealth take Schwab and his plots for global manipulation very seriously.


Article URL : https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/07/prince-charles-great-reset/