41% of recent COVID deaths among fully vaccinated and boosted individuals

Despite our high vaccination rate, COVID-19 activity remains high in San Diego County, the Health and Human Services Agency reported Friday, even as hospitalizations are on a slow decline.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved San Diego County to the high-risk level for COVID-19 three weeks ago and cases continue to trend high.

Dr. Wilma Wooten has publicly supported the CDC’s recommendations to wear masks indoors in public spaces, get vaccinated and boosted, and stay home if you are feeling sick.

Despite these recommendations from San Diego County, none of our elected officials including Mayor Todd Gloria and Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, wore masks while attending the Pride Parade. Mayor Todd Gloria even attended Del Mar Opening Day maskless, days after San Diego County put out a “strong recommendation” to wear a mask in crowded places.

Furthermore, these same officials have regularly touted San Diego County’s vaccination rate as evidence of their personal success. But COVID-19 cases are still rising in San Diego County.

More than 3 million or 89.9% of San Diegans age 6 months and older are at least partially vaccinated. Nearly 2.66 million or 79.4% are fully vaccinated. A total of 1,424,581 or 58.5% of 2,435,363 eligible San Diegans have received a booster.

To make matters worse, the official report for San Diego County shows that 41% of recent COVID-19 deaths are among fully vaccinated and boosted individuals.

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