Judge who approved Trump search warrant attacked for synagogue involvement

The judge who approved the search on former President Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago estate was attacked Tuesday for his synagogue involvement by a retired Major League Baseball player. By Wednesday, an online mob was making violent antisemitic threats against him.

Judge Bruce Reinhart, a former prosecutor who had previously been criticized for representing former employees of Jeffrey Epstein related to his sex-trafficking scandal, appears to be on the board of a South Florida synagogue. Trump loyalists eager to question the legitimacy of the FBI raid seized upon that detail.

What began with Lenny Dykstra, a retired New York Mets legend, questioning the nature of the Conservative synagogue’s Judaism, spilled over onto right-wing social media platforms and message boards, where users published the judge’s name, address and personal information. Threats have been directed at Reinhart’s children and supposed family members as well.

On Thursday, a synagogue member told the Forward that the synagogue’s beachside Shabbat service had been canceled “because of the social media hate.”

Sir Tainley

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